Goose Facts

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Canada geese can be found in every contiguous U.S state and Canadian Provence. Some flocks have adapted their migratory habits, and will not migrate south when the season changes. Canada geese often will set up permanent residency at parks, golf courses, farms and other human habitats.

Canada geese are considered social birds. Sometimes, they will remain in flocks all year. The flocks designate certain areas along their routes as “rest stops”. When in flight, Canada geese can cover 1,500 miles in 24 hours! Canada geese mate for life, but if their mate dies they will find a new one. Geese return to their birth area every year to mate and nest. They have a strong bond with their birth area. It is possible to chase them from their birth area by making them feel unsafe. They will find a more appropriate site to mate and nest in this situation.

“Abundant habitat availability, combined with the loss of natural predators, absence of hunting in many areas, and free hand-outs from people, have led to a significant increase in the resident Canada goose population in New Jersey and elsewhere. Resident geese have been known to negatively impact agricultural crops, raise concerns about human health and safety issues, and damage residential, commercial, and public property.”-Rutgers Cooperative Research & Extension N.J. Agricultural Experiment Station Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey

Canada geese have posed a danger to air traffic. On January 15, 2009 US Airways Flight 1549 crashed into the hudson river. On take-off Flight 1549 flew into an unexpected flock of geese. The geese entered the planes engines and killed the power. The plane carried 155 people, but luckily they had a great pilot. Captain Chesley Sullenberger was able to glide into the water instead of nose crashing. His heroic piloting saved the lives of all the passengers. Luckily there were no deaths this time, but this accident exposes the dangers of geese when they become overpopulated.

Migratory Canada geese are protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918. Read More


Know Your Enemy

Life expectancy= 20 years

Weight= 20-25 pounds

50 Canada geese can produce over 2.5 tons of waste in a year!

Their waste can cause poor water quality.

Small V-shaped flocks will group with others to form a large flock by the hundreds, and sometimes by the thousands.

Canada geese need to feed for 12 hours a day to get their proper nutrients. This can cause severe crop damage on farms.

Canada geese begin to nest after their 3rd year. Each nest will contain approximately 5 eggs, known as a clutch.

It is illegal to touch, remove or destroy eggs or nests with out a federal permit.

Geese Seasons Chart

goose seasons chart