Wild Goose Chasers offers…

Nuisance Goose Management

1) Geese Harassment
WGC uses the element of surprise to make the geese feel uneasy. They use remote control boats to assist the dogs in cornering the geese. This constant harassment will eventually force the geese to move to a more appropriate site.
2) Nest Location
WGC will determine the location of the nests in your flock.
3) Federal Permit Acquisition
WGC can help you get your permit from the USFWS (United States Fish and Wildlife Services). It is illegal to touch, remove or destroy eggs with out a federal permit.
4) Addling or Oiling Eggs
After the nest location is determined, WGC will begin addling/oiling the eggs to prevent hatching.
5) Landscape Modification Deterents
WGC will offer expert opinions on landscape modification to prevent further problems.



Q: What does it cost?

A: Pricing is determined by site location, size, accessibility, surrounding area, number and size of ponds.

Q: How long to control my goose problem?

A: It’s hard to give an exact length of time. It depends on the location and how severe the problem is.

WGC offers a free demonstration to evaluate your site.